Reconnection Training

Reconnective Healing Professional Seminar

Observe – Notice – Experimente

O.N.E Experience 7 and 8 of November 2020

Training in two time

1-The Portal: Level 1 online
in Rambouillet, FRANCE

with GUGLIELMO POLI, Associate Instructor and Co-director of the Reconnection Teaching Team, and with Caroline Lagouge Chaussavoine, The Reconnection Assistant Professor and Mentor.

You can register now for ONE Experience and in a few days you will receive your access to the Portal, level I online to start your wonderful exploration. Also online Q&A sessions with Caroline Lagouge Chaussavoine are planned where you can share your experiences and clarify what you need.

The Portal

Reconnective Healing® Online is a personal and dynamic online learning experience with the founder of The Reconnection, Dr Eric Pearl, and Vision and Development Manager, Jillian Fleer

Technically you must have an Internet connection and you will receive your personal account so that you can access the program online at any time and it is a lifetime property. Immerse yourself in the essential understanding of the principles of Reconnective Healing® and the frequencies of energy, light and information begin to emerge effortlessly in your daily life. You will learn a new approach to feel, follow, interact with and connect to everything and everyone around you.


  • Eight hours carefully designed, divided into short, easy-to-follow segments.
  • Discover the flow that connects everyone and everything at the very source of our existence.
  • Relationship to Science: How does Reconnective Healing® Essentials Work with Science?
  • Understand the correlation between quantum mechanics, energy and health.
  • Custom rhythm: This course is available 24/7 on your smartphone, tablet and desktop, as long as you have an Internet connection.
Subtitles in several languages (French, english…)

After completing the Reconnective Healing Online Level 1 course, the Level II seminar follows.

The Catalyst

This weekend in immersion with the frequencies of Reconnective Healing® Online is the place where you will experience the presence, the borrowing of what will affect all aspects of your life. Under the guidance of experienced Reconnective Healing® instructors, Guglielmo Poli and Caroline Lagouge Chaussavoine, you will recognize and learn your personal mastery. With a thorough understanding of this work and the practice on the table you will experience a strong transformation with other participants. You will learn to facilitate a session of Reconnective Healing® distance and also to facilitate holographic way. You will be involved in the art of receiving and providing a session of Reconnective Healing®, and you will explore these scientific studies and philosophy. You will learn


  • Basic Level 1 Online The Portal – Each participant must have their own personal account to view the basic course online, purchased in person or purchased from someone else for the participant. This is how you control the success of a course. Groups who watch the Family Online Basic Course are welcome, but only the person whose account name is eligible to attend an immersion weekend ,Level II.
  • Yes, you have received a Reconnective Healing® session from a Reconnective Healing (RHFP)*.

* Reconnective Healing® or Personal Reconnection sessions will be possible during the seminar. However, we encourage you to do your Reconnective Healing session in advance, as there are few possibilities. Keep in mind that you can also perform a Reconnective Healing session remotely.

Become a practitioner

Becoming a Professional

Reconnective Healing Practitioner

  • Upon successful completion of the Reconnective Healing® Essentials (Level I) online course and the Live Immersion Weekend (Level II), participants will have the opportunity to accept our “Standards of Practice”.
  • Those who accept the “Standards of Practice” will receive a Certificate of Completion and become a Reconnective Healing® (RHFP) Fundamentals Practitioner.
  • An RHFP can offer and facilitate Reconnective Healing® sessions in a professional manner, and can choose to be registered in our global roster of practitioners and also be a member of the afplr, Association française et Francophone des Praticiens de la Reconnexion
  • RHFP are also eligible to continue their training in the future and take the Reconnection-Certified Practitioner (Level III) program, where they learn how to facilitate Personal Reconnection « The Personal Reconnection® ».

Date: 7 and 8 November 2020

Live Immersion Weekend Location and Time (Level II)

Lieu :  Rambouillet (35 minutes from Paris by train) at Hotel Mercure

Rooms are negociated with the Promote code « Reconnection »

Date :  7 and 8 November 2020

Horaires : saturday de 9.00 am to 7.00 pm *, sunday de 9.30 am – 7.00pm*

afternoon schedules are approximate .


Early Bird Promotional Rates until june 21, 2020

O.N.E. Experience: Le Portail + Le Facilitateur (niveau I en ligne+ niveau II en séminaire) €840.00 1200 euros + 10€ Association Danse La Vie

The Catalyste only (niveau 2 week-end) €750.00 1130 euros + 10€ Association Danse La Vie

Alumni : -33% du tarif Early Bird + 10€ Association Danse La Vie contact 06 86 88 59 28 

Registration and payement

Complete the registration form below. ci-dessous.

You can pay by making a bank transfer to the association Danse La Vie:

IBAN : FR76 1870 7000 5509 0211 9191 289



If you want to pay several times, contact

Once the payment has been made, you will receive an email with the corresponding receipt and another email with the instructions to start to access the online level I THE PORTAL. You will also receive an invitation to participate in the Level I Q&A session.


Refund policy yes
Terms and conditions yes

Registration Contact :

Seminar Informations : Caroline Lagouge +33 (0)6 86 88 59 28